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2D Smile Design

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  • 2D Smile Design

    2D Smile Design


    The 2D DSD Concept utilises a patient’s natural facial proportions to plan a natural, harmonious smile as a starting point, ending with a functional, aesthetic and emotionally fulfilling smile designed with natural algorithms. The 2D Smile Design is intended to progress into a 3D printed Wax-Up or Full Digital Smile Design. Seamlessly achieve predictable clinical results from simple treatments, to full mouth rehabilitation cases.

    The following photos are a pre-requisite for the Enamel Planning Lab 2D Design. The better the photos, the better the Smile Design!

    1) Facial front smiling, teeth apart
    2) Facial retracted, teeth apart
    3) Side profile smiling
    4) Side profile relaxed
    5) Occlusal smile

    Include any other Patient Records for consideration such as Videos, X-Rays, medical history etc.
    Included in this service: 5 .STL files.

    1) Upper Smile Design over the original model (pre-treatment)
    2) Lower Smile Design over the original model (pre-treatment)
    3) Upper Smile Designs with the digitally reduced model (post-treatment)
    4) Lower Upper Smile Designs with the digitally reduced model (post-treatment)
    5) Motivational Mock-up file

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